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395 S. Washington (M-65)
P.O. Box 190
Hale, MI  48739
Phone:  (
Fax:  (


27300 M-32
P.O. Box 398
Hillman, MI  49746
Phone:  (989)742-2299
Fax:  (989)742-2531

808 E. Huron (US-23)
P.O. Box 866
AuGres, MI 48703
Phone:  (
Fax:  (

Directions: The Hale store is located on M-65, 1/4 mile south of the traffic light in Hale.

Directions:  The Hillman store is located on M-32, 8 miles west of M-65.

Directions: The AuGres store is located on US-23, 1/4 mile east of the AuGres River.

(for all Locations)

Closed Sundays

Summer Hours
Mon-Fri 7:30-5:00, Sat 8:00-3:00, Closed Sundays

Winter Hours
Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00, Sat 8:00-3:00, Closed Sundays

Closed for New Years, Memorial Day,
Independence Day, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


History of Bernard Building Center, Inc.

Berk and Beatty Bernard started a new business in 1958 under the name of Bernard Woodworking. A 20' x 40' shop was built right next to their home for the manufacture of wood windows. Berk was the only employee and Beatty kept the books, helping with deliveries when needed.


Several additions were built as the business grew during the next few years. In 1965 the shop was moved from the original site to a lot just north of their home. In 1966 another addition and a display room were added, making space for a steadily expanding line of building products.

In 1969, the Hale Lumber Company, located one half mile south of Hale, was purchased and became Bernard Lumber Company. The window business was continued for several years at the original location as a sideline. It was eventually closed due to the complications of maintaining two separate business locations.

As Bernard Lumber Company grew and new outbuildings were added, space became limited at the new location. The owners then began a move back to the Bernard Woodworking location where additional property had been purchased.

Six storage sheds were built in 1972 and the entire business was moved there in 1977 after the completion of a new store and two large storage buildings.  The corporation's name was changed to Bernard Building Center, Inc. in 1984. The new name more accurately described the business, which had gradually become a home center, with a complete line of building materials.

Several outbuildings were added in the following years and a large addition to the store was built in 1988.

The addition allowed space to broaden the existing product lines and put in a large kitchen and bath center.

In 1991, Beatty turned her responsibilities over to son Bryon and became semi-retired from the business although she still served in an advisory capacity for a short time. More outbuildings were built during this time to house more inventory.

1993 saw Berk follow Beatty's lead and turn his responsibilities over to son Bruce, allowing Berk to also slip into semi-retirement while still serving as an advisor.

Berk and Beatty's third son Daryn moved from inside sales to the hardware buyers position and from this point forward, Bryon, Bruce, and Daryn took over the business Berk and Beatty had started some 35 years earlier.

A 16,000 square foot warehouse was constructed in 1994 to store more inventory. In 1996, construction was started on a new 4,000 square foot storefront. The construction was barely completed in the spring of 1997 when the Heinrich Lumber Co. in Au Gres, Michigan was purchased and became our second location. A new lumber storage building was built at the Au Gres store in 1998 and a vehicle maintenance garage was finished in 2001 at the Hale location.

On April 25, 2005, Beatty died after a long battle with cancer. She is greatly missed by all who knew her and especially those who worked with her at Bernard’s.

In the fall of 2007 we started construction on our third location in Hillman, Michigan which opened in May of 2008.
Presently Bryon, Bruce, and Daryn own and operate the business. Bryon is President and C.E.O., Bruce is Vice President - Contractor Sales and Building Materials, and Daryn serves as Vice President - Store Operations. Berk, now 74, still lives next to the lumber yard and is currently building his own sawmill in the Sage Lake area.

Bernard's excellent customer service reputation starts with a strong 3-person management team that boasts over 42 years of experience with Bernard's and over 65 years total in the retail lumber industry. The managers are: Ron Kolb - Hale Operations, Eric Maliskey - Au Gres Operations and David Miller – Hillman Operations. The commitment to excellent customer service continues with Bernard's staff of around 50 experienced "year around" employees and 20 knowledgeable "seasonal" employees. Our entire team does a great job of practicing the employee motto, which is "Serve others as you would like to be served."

In the past 50 years, BERNARD BUILDING CENTER has grown, from a husband and wife with one pick-up and a small workshop, to more than 70 employees at 3 locations with a fleet of 21 vehicles and several buildings housing well over 3 million dollars of inventory. We have achieved this growth by taking care of our customers and providing them with quality products at a fair price while giving the best customer service possible.
Hale Store
AuGres Store
Hillman Store



  • 3 convenient locations to serve you with transfers between stores
  • Handicap accessible store with power doors, restrooms, and wheelchair available (Hale)
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff - if you have questions and you want good customer service, you'll love shopping at Bernard's
  • Extended store hours April - September
  • Paved customer parking
  • Window and door center with sales and service specialists *
  • 9 full-time project sales estimators (5 in Hale, 2 in AuGres, 2 in Hillman)
  • Same or next day delivery - 6 days a week to anywhere in Michigan for a nominal fee
  • 20 delivery trucks, including 5 boom trucks and 3 van trucks (for deliveries of interior items in bad weather)
  • Cell Phone communication with delivery trucks for more efficient service
  • Answering service to take messages before and after hours
  • Rooftop delivery on shingles available
  • Blueprint copying services *
  • 4 full-time kitchen and bath designers (2 in Hale, 1 in AuGres, 1 in Hillman)
  • Cabinet computer design service
  • Color match paint computer (All Locations)
  •  Deck computer design service
  • Contractor sales offices
  • Builder/contractor programs

* Services available primarily at our Hale Store.

Our truck fleet ready to deliver your materials.

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Telephone: 989-728-2211
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Address: 395 S Washington
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Telephone:  989-742-2299
Fax:  989-742-2531
Address:  27300 M-32
E-Mail:  hillman@bernardbuilding.com


Telephone: 989-876-7114
Fax: 989-876-6691
Address: 808 E Huron
E-Mail: augres@bernardbuilding.com


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