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Here is what our customers have to say about Bernard Building Center. We take reviews seriously and appreciate them all. Reviews let us know when we've done well and where we could improve. We use them to better ourselves as we strive for exceptional customer service.


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"Always someone to help."

"Always someone to help with anything you're looking for."  - Team W Key


"Great local place for DIY projects."

"Great local place for DIY projects. The team there is very knowledgeable, helpful, and make sure you leave with what you need to get the job done."  - Ian E.


"Fair Price"

"They always seem to have what I need at a fair price."  - Jim K.


"Very helpful folks."

"Very helpful folks behind the counter. Almost always have what I need."  - Rob S.


"Friendly and helpful staff."

"Friendly and helpful staff."  - Anne K.


"Great Hometown Service."

"Great Hometown service. Very knowledgeable staff."  - George P.


"Friendly Staff."

"Nice lumber yard. Lots of employee friendly staff. Happy to help you find what you need. -Mark P.


"Very Helpful."

"They were very helpful - was there twice today."  - Wes T.


"Great lumber yard."

"Great lumber yard and friendly sales associates, thanks Rick B for all your help through out our cabin building experience."  - Ray B.


"Great Alternative to big box stores."

"Bernard's is a great place to shop for bulk materials as a great alternative to big box stores. I have completed multiple projects on my property thanks to the help from these guys. Their prices are competitive and their shipping price is good. They care about your project and will let you know what is needed to complete a project. I appreciate their help!"  - Misnakeman


"Very Nice."

"Very nice having them in Hillman."  - Glen F.


"Everyone here was spectacular."

"Everyone here was spectacular. Had pretty much everything I needed. "  -Alex L.


"Found all I needed."

"Found all I needed, just wish the price wasn't so high. Besides that it was great." - Jessica C.


"Knowledgeable Experts"

"Great help from very knowledgeable experts!"   -Don K. 


"Great Experience"

"Great experience. Super professional from the phones all the way to delivery. Highly recommend!  -LJB


"I can't thank Ricky enough!"

"I needed 3" modern base mouldings. The 16' long mouldings would not fit in my vehicle. They were just too long. It was the end of the day and I needed them for the next day. Delivery would have taken till after the weekend. Ricky stepped up and delivered them after his shift ended! I can't thank Ricky and Bernards enough! "   -Paula M.