Increasing your existing homes insulation or for new construction, look no further than Bernard Building Center for all your insulation needs. We carry the most sought after top national brands of insulation and accessories.


Fiberglass Insulation

We stock three different lines of fiberglass insulation all manufactured by CertainTeed.

  • Kraft faced (paper faced) fiberglass insulation, 3-1/2” R-11, 6-1/4” R-19, 10” R-30, and 12” R-38.

  • Kraft faced (paper faced) High Performance fiberglass insulation, 3-1/2” R-15, 5-1/2” R-21, and 10” R-38.

  • Friction Fit fiberglass insulation, 3-1/2” R-11, 6-1/4” R-19, 8” R-25, and 10” R-30.

  • True Comfort blowing fiberglass insulation.*


*Blowers are available with purchase of True Comfort insulation for blowing True Comfort into your attic.

Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation

We stock Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation, made right here in Michigan.

Blowers are available with purchase of cellulose insulation for blowing cellulose into your attic.


DOW Styrofoam Insulated Sheathing

We stock DOW Styrofoam in three different products

  • DOW Blueboard in ¾”-4x8’ sheets, R-3.8

  • DOW Utility fit (15-psi) in 4x8’ sheets, in 1” R-5, 1-1/2” R-7.5, and 2” R-10

  • DOW Styrofoam (25-psi) in 4x8’ sheets, in 2” R-10, and 3” R-15

Perma R Neo Pro

We stock Perma R’s Neo Pro EPS insulation sheathing, an energy efficient Graphite-Enabled board technology.

  • 4x8’ sheets in 1” R-4.5, 1-1/2” R-6.75, and 2” R-9.  



We stock Cellofoam Poly Shield heat laminated sheathing, which offers tough poly facers for added strength and durability. Great siding backer when re-siding an older home.

  • 1/4"-4'X50' fan fold, R1.09

  • ½”-4x8’ sheets, R-2


ROXUL Stone Wool Insulation

We stock ROXUL Stone Wool Insulation in two product lines.

  • Comfort Batt Insulation in 3-1/2” R-15, and 5-1/2” R-23.

  • Safe N Sound, sound deadening insulation in 3”


Other Insulation products

We also stock some other insulation products.

  • DOW Weathermate Plus Housewrap in 9’ x 100’ rolls.

  • Reflectix foil faced bubble insulation

  • Various spray foams for door and windows, openings, fire rated, and rodent proof.


All of these products and more are available online in our Product Selection Guide which lets you compare the different products from the comfort of your home. If you have a pricing question, can’t find what you’re looking for, or just need some advice choosing the right products - we can help. Click on Request a Quote and we will get back to you with the answers you need.


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