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Bernard Building Center has everything you need to control drafts and thoroughly insulate. Whether you plan to insulate a new construction, or add protection to an existing home or other structure, we carry proven top national brands and accessories to help you get the job done.

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Fiberglass Insulation
Shop Fiberglass Insulation

s one of the most trusted names in fiberglass insulation, we proudly carry CertainTeed products.

  • Kraft-faced (paper faced) Rolls

    •  3-1/2" R-11 in 40' and 70' lengths

  • Kraft-faced (paper faced) Batts

    • 3-1/2" R-11, 6-14" R-19, 10" R-30, 12" R-38 & 15" R-49

  • Kraft-faced (paper faced) High Performance Batts

    • 3-1/2" R-15, 5-1/2" R-21, 8-1/2" R-30 & 10" R-38

  • Friction Fit Batts

    • 3-1/2" R-11, 6-1/4" R-19, 10" R-30

  •  True Comfort Blown Fiberglass Insulation

    • With purchase of blown insulation, blowers are available for rent with deposit.

Bernard Building Center - Insulation

Cellulose Insulation

Shop Cellulose Insulation

We carry Michigan-made Nu-Wool cellulose insulation in large bags with 50 sq ft of coverage. With purchase, blowers are available for rent with deposit.


Styrofoam Insulated Sheathing

Shop Foam Sheathing

One of the best-known brands in the business, we carry DuPont foam utility boards in 25 psi 4x8 sheets.

  • 3/4” R-3.8, 1” R-5, 1-1/2” R-7.5, 2” R-10, 3” R-15

Polystyrene Foam Sheathing
Shop Foam Sheathing

Weatherall Pro Sheathing in 1/2” 4 x 8 sheets.


Rockwool Stone Wool Insulation

Shop Rockwool

Two product lines are available.

  • Safe N Sound (sound deadening) Insulation in 3”

  •  Comfort Batt Insulation in 3-1/2” R-15 & 5-1/2 R-23


Additional Insulating Products

Shop Insulating Products

  • DOW Weathermate Plus 9’ x 100’ House Wrap

  • Assorted Spray Foams for doors, windows, openings, fire-rated, rodent-proof

  • Reflectix Foil Faced Bubble Insulation by the foot in 16”, 24” & 48” widths


You can compare these products and many more in our online store,  For assistance with choosing the correct product for your needs, please Contact Us. We’re happy to help!


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