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Lumber and Panels

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For dimension lumber and panels, look no further than Bernard Building Center. With over a million board feet of dimension lumber in stock we can take care of your lumber needs.

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Bernard Building Center - Lumber and Panels

Bernard’s started in the fall of 2015 to convert all of our dimension lumber inventory from a #2 and Better grade to a #2 and Better Premium/Appearance grade. We want to offer you the best lumber we can for the best price possible, the Premium/Appearance grade costs more but we feel that the better quality of lumber is what the majority of our customers and builders are looking for.

We stock quality Oriented Strand Board (OSB) manufactured by Weyerhaeuser’s Grayling, MI mill. Our Builders find this to be a great product to work with and we like that it is also a made in Michigan product. We also carry CDX Plywood in Southern Yellow Pine and Fir species, Sanded Plywood from Arauco Ply, and Treated Plywood in Foundation grade and also Marine grade. Industrial Particle Board for counter tops and Melamine in White are also stocked.


We carry the finest treated lumber; our treated lumber in 2x4 and 2x6 is a #2&BTR appearance grade. This means that the lumber is select pulled to be a better product for your project. Our treated 5/4x6 decking is available in two wood species, Ponderosa Pine which will have knots and a #1 Premium S. Y. Pine decking that will be almost all clear with a pin knot here and there. 

Starting in the spring of 2016, we changed our treated lumber inventory from “Above Ground contact” (the Treated lumber shouldn’t come in contact with the ground) to “Ground contact” (the lumber has a heavier dose of treatment to be in contact with the ground). We feel that the “Ground contact” Treated Lumber is more of what our customers are expecting when they purchase Treated Lumber. 

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